Christmas Sensory Bag

Christmas Sensory Bag

Make a magical Christmas Sensory Bag.

Christmas can be such a magical time! Lots of opportunities for visiting Christmas markets, seeing the festive lights, exploring new sights and smells. And of course, Christmas trees! Children love Christmas trees, the ornaments are so sparkly, shiny and colourful that they want to play with them! A great opportunity to introduce some exciting sensory experiences to entertain them.

Our activity idea this week is called the Christmas Sensory Bag. This sensory bag is easy to make and mess free, older children can help out to make it and it’s fun for all the family.

Materials Needed

Ziplock bag

Strong tape to keep the bag closed

Permanent marker to draw a Christmas tree outline on the bag


Green food colouring

Ornaments, including buttons, googly eyes and beads…

Steps to Follow

First we draw a Christmas tree outline on the ziplock bag, next we squeeze the soap inside, then we add the green food colouring and finally the children can add the ornaments! Once all the materials are inside, close the bag and seal the top with strong tape.

Then the real fun begins - our babies can play with Christmas trees! They will love squishing the materials together and mixing the green food colouring with soap!

Why is Sensory Play so Important?

Did you know that interactions within the womb begin the development of your baby’s synapses? For those of us that haven’t heard of synapses, they are the connections in our brains that connect the neurons together. Also between the ages of 0-3 your child has twice as many as they will have in adulthood….!

Sensory play is a fantastic opportunity to help baby's brain development. You can read more about sensory play, and find activity ideas here.

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Posted on 15th December 2019

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