Loose Parts - Spoons

Loose Parts Activity – Exploring Spoons

My son is currently exploring a range of plastic bowls, tubs, pots and pans! These items always seem to be a favourite with litlte ones. He has taken a particuar liking to a wooden spoon which travels everywhere with him. To extend his development we carried out the follow activity

Equipment Needed

A range of spoons in different sizes and material. We used wooden spoon, tea spoon, dessert spoon and some plastic weaning spoons. 



What we Did 

Attached the wool to the handle of the spoons

Hanged the spoons from a table edge securing with cellotape

We then had lots of fun touching, bashing and exploring the different sounds and movement. 

Extended Activities

This is a great activity with toddlers to explore different sounds; does using a different item to hit the spoons with make a different noise? Can you make a loud sound? Quiet sound? Is the noise high or low?

It also gives you an opportunity to talk about motion - which way do the spoons move? Do they move differently? 

Other learning opportunities and language to explore:

  • Textures - how do the different spoons feel? 
  • Size - can you place the spoons in order of size? Which is long and which is short?


You could also investigate using other resources such as paint brushes, flowers, buckets and spades. Do they move in the same way as the spoons? Are the sounds different?

Posted on 28th November 2019

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