Halloween Fun

Pumpkin Picking & Painting

At Toddletown nursery in Farncombe, we value the role that festivals and celebrations play in supporting children’s learning and development. We embrace different cultures and give the children a broad range of topics to explore. 

One of the ways we celebrate and explore, is of course through art. Here's a lovely pumpkin activity that you can do at home.

The first step is going Pumpkin Picking! Pop on your wellies and head to the pumpkin patch, such as Secretts or Crockford Bridge Farm. You can choose from pumpkins of all sorts of interesting shapes, colours and sizes, big, small, round, whatever you like there’s a pumpkin for you!

It’s a fantastic family day out and the fun continues all the way home when we decorate them!

Items to include for this activity



Clean your pumpkin with a cloth, get your brushes ready and get creative! Let your children explore mixing paint colours. While they are painting we have the opportunity to talk about the sizes, colours and shapes of the pumpkins. This activity is great for younger children who can't quite get involved with pumpkin carving. 

If you're feeling really organised, you could even shown your little one how to make Pumpkin soup!

Areas of learning covered

This activity covers four areas of learning and development in the EYFS:

mathematical language - talk about size, shape, weight

art and design - excellent opportunity to get creative and practice those all important mark making skills 

understanding the world - pumpkin picking is an excellent way to explore where food comes from, how we grow different foods and make tasty meals from them. 

physical development - after all the running around and physical lifting of the pumpkin, mark making is excellent for fine motor skills development. 

Posted on 31st October 2019

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