Mud Kitchens

Mud Kitchen

At Toddletown we have a strong belief that time spent outside is time well spent – playing outdoors is fun, it’s healthy and it’s a great way for children to develop social skills and boost self-confidence. We have an incredible garden at Toddletown nursery and will make the most of it each day. One of our favourite spots is the mud kitchen,,,

Messy play is an integral part of outdoor play and at Toddletown we love Mud Kitchens in particular! Mud Kitchens combine two great passions children have…. kitchens and of course mud! They are great for sensory play and are fantastic for hands-on learning. Children have so much fun splashing around with mud, water and digging in the dirt. Not only do Mud Kitchens help develop children’s creativity and imagination but they also improve their sensory and fine motor skills.

Mud Kitchens are a fantastic social experience, which we love to encourage at Toddletown nursery. Children benefit from interacting with others while playing, boosting their language skills as they talk about what they’re making and their recipes! Children can mix their own mud in a variety of different colours, textures and consistencies from top soil, compost, gravel, sand and water. We even see how children start to work as a team to create their masterpieces. Who doesn't love a mud pie! 

Did you know it’s actually healthy to get muddy? Some scientists say exposure to microbes in mud is beneficial for children’s immune system and of course being outdoors is great for their wellbeing – it’s easy to see how much children love it! But remember it’s not just the little ones who enjoy getting muddy, adults can enjoy it too – it’s great for reducing stress! 

Although all that mess is worth it, no one likes muddy clothes.

Our top tip from Natalia is to let the stains and mud dry first, then try to remove as much as possible. You can then cover the stains with liquid detergent and rub it, letting the detergent soak for 15 minutes or more. Once the stain has been significantly lifted wash the garment in the washing machine as normal.

Posted on 7th November 2019

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