Food Stamping Fun

Food Stamping Fun! 

This can be enjoyed by much younger children if they are supervised at all times, and you are selective about what appropriate food you use for them. Food stamping for smaller ones also goes hand in hand with the edible paint activity we posted previously, you may want to try them together. This is a great explorative sensory activity, that can be enjoyed at many different ages.

What you will need

Variety of food you already have that will make fun and different prints. When I did this recently with my 2 year old, we used halved potatoes, carrots, uncooked pasta twirls and asparagus. 

Childrens non-toxic paints



1. Wash all fresh food before starting.

2. Cut any that may work better once chopped such as the potatoes - if you're feeling extra creative you could carve shapes as well. 

3. If using large paper, I prefer to place on a messy play mat and stick down with tape, or even better be out in the garden. 

4. Lay all your food and paint out within easy reach on or around your paper.

5. Introduce your little one to the activity. You may need to start as your little one may be confused by seeing the paint and food put out together, but I'm sure they will quickly get the idea and thoroughly enjoy exploring! 

This activity gives you so many things to talk about and explore, here's just a couple of ideas:

  • Talk about textures of food - is the potato hard and the asparagus soft? 
  • Length - which is longer the carrot or the potato?
  • What happens if you mix colours together?
  • What happens if you press down hard? And then how about softly?


We hope you have fun with this activity and your litlte one loves it too! There's plenty of messy play fun and learning through play at Toddletown Day Nursery in Farncombe - to find out more visit or email us on

Posted on 30th August 2019

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