Paper Plate Crafts

Paper Plate Craft ideas from Toddletown nursery in Farncombe. 

With all the BBQs and parties over the summer, left over paper plates are something we often have lying around. These make for fun crafts.  I’m going to give you two fun ways to get creative with your paper plates.

First up, hedgehogs! 

What you will need

Paper plate
Brown children's non-toxic paint
Paint brush
Black marker


1. Cut a paper plate in half. Take your half plate and cut a snout shape at one side.

2. Along the usually patterned edge of your paper plate, cut slits the whole way around the curved outside edge. These should be about 1 ½- 2 cm long depending on the size of your plates. These slits will be the hedgehog's spikes.

3. Your hedgehog is now ready to be painted! 

4. Once the paint is dry, use your marker to draw on your hedgehog’s eye.

Your hedgehog Is now complete. If you have different sized plates hanging around you could make a family of hedgehogs and explore concepts such as:

  • Bigger and smaller
  • Textures - can you find anything that is spikey like a hedgehog?
  • Family - who is in our family? who is in the hedgehog's family?



The next idea that I've just done with my 2 year old is to make paper parrots

What you will need

A paper plate
A few different paint colours
Glue / cello tape
2 or 3 different colours of Crepe or Coloured paper
A black marker


1. Cut your paper plate in half.

2. Place one half down horizontally (this will be the beak), turn your other half vertically (this will be the body) and place on top of the of the first half.

3. This second half should be placed so its top half covers half of one side of the first plate. Using your glue or cello tape, stick the two halves together in this position. It should start to resemble a parrot's body with a beak sticking out.

4. Cut your crepe/ coloured paper into strips. Holding the different colours together at one end glue or stick these strips to the back of the bottom corner of the body plate.

5. Your parrot is now ready to paint.

6. Once your parrot is dry, use your marker to draw on its eye. You should now be left with a beautiful, colourful parrot! 

Can your toddler fly around the room like a bird? Can they pretend to be a parrot and copy you? What colours have you added to your parrot? Why not head out into the garden or the local park to see what other birds you can find...are they the same colours? Sizes? Can you hear their different songs?

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Posted on 15th August 2019

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