A typical day in....toddlers!

A typical day in...toddlers

There is one thing we can guarantee at two days are ever the same! But, we know that when choosing a nursery it's important to get a feel for how your child will spend their days and once they've started at Toddletown it's nice to know what to expect! Within all of the rooms at Toddletown, we cater for the children's needs and each day/room will run depending upon the children who are sharing their days with us.

Jess from our Farnham nursery is here to help give a bit more of an insight into what your child can expect when they join Toddletown Day Nursery with this beautiful post written from a toddler's perspective...

My Day at Nursery...

I arrive at nursery, with my bag on my back and I instantly head towards the pegs where we put our coats and our bags. I notice my picture above a peg, so I know it's mine, and my parents help me take my bag off and place it onto my peg.

I then show them the way and we head towards the toddler room where lots of adults who I know really well say "hello" and give me big smiles! One of the adults will then then say "good morning, how are you today?” sometimes I answer, but sometimes I still feel a bit shy. My parents talk to the adults in the room and tell them any important information about me, before I say goodbye and go to the breakfast table. Sometimes I'm so excited to join my friends I forget to give them a kiss goodbye!

I now know how to choose my own cereal and I sit with my friends to eat our breakfast together before we go and play. I can choose which toys to play with and what I want to play, which I really enjoy.

It's not long before one of the adults asks if anyone wants to go into the garden, which I always do! I still need some help getting ready for the garden, especially if it's a cold day but as soon as I'm ready I run outside and see more of the adults and more children! Some of them are older than me and some of them are's fun playing with so many children in the garden and the adults can be really silly too! 

Some of my favourite things in the garden are going into Narnia, digging in the sandpit and making my mummy a picture in the art studio. But nothing can really beat running and playing on the super soft grass.

After all that playing, I'm ready for a snack and a glass of fresh milk which the adults say comes from a local farm. 

The adults put out lots of toys and activities and they listen to what I like..when I was really interested in sharks they put out lots of sea animals and made the sea from different materials which was fun. The adults told me that I did really well with counting how many sharks were in the sea and I can do bigger numbers now. 

Before I know it, lunch time rolls around! I enjoy sitting beside my friends enjoying the yummy ‘Zebedees lunch’. Sometimes there are things I've never had before and sometimes it's the same as Daddy cooks at home.

After I have finished my lunch I have a nap...the adults have put my sleeping mat out for me with my favourite teddy that I always have at sleepy time. I can hear my friends playing and some of the older children are in the garden, but I soon get to sleep and I know I can play again when I wake up. 

After my sleep, I choose some books to look at and an adult sits with me and reads them quietly...some of my friends join us and they choose some books to read too and then before I know it, it's snack time again! 

I can then choose what toys to play with, or what I want to play, or do an activiity that the adults have set-up....I usually choose this as there's normally animals in there! My friend loves trains and I see that she is playing with a really big train set today!

The adults tell me that it's half past four and that means another yummy meal from Zebedees. Once this is finished, I try and do a puzzle and my friends try and help me before we sing some songs together with the adults...I know nearly all the words and actions now! 

I look up and see that my Mummy is here to pick me up, after she has talked the adults about my day she helps me get my coat on and we say goodbye to my friends. 


If you've got any further questions, we're here to help! Just speak to us or drop us an email:

Sophie - Farnham Nursery Manager

Karen - Farncombe Nursery Manager 

Posted on 10th February 2024

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