World Nursery Rhyme Week Old Macdonald had a Farm

World Nursery Rhyme Week

It's a firm favourite with endless possibilites - animals from all over the world seem to turn up at Old Macdonald's Farm! 

Have tried changing the word to zoo? Or even a per shop? What different animals can you think of?

This is another great rhyme for numeracy development:

  • Create your own farm with toy animals - how many animals do you have? Are there more sheep or pigs?
  • Counting legs! How many animals have two legs? How many legs are there if we have two sheep?

Have you ever talked about what Old Macdonald has to do with all these animals? What jobs would a farmer need to do each day to take care of them? Is this different to a zoo keeper?

Piccolo music have some fantastic ideas to do with this rhyme. How about a guessing game?

Create a guessing game by singing the song unaccompanied and hide the puppets/toy animals making the animal sound for children to guess before the animals appear.

For more activity ideas, videos and singing click here to see more from Piccolo Music Old Macdonald had a Farm

Posted on 19th November 2020

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